Saturday, December 25, 2010

Appetizer Christmas: Stuffed Jalapenos

My family tends toward the non-traditional for Christmas dinner. The past few years, we've had Christmas tacos, but this year, to change it up a bit, we did appetizer Christmas. We had a nice spread, including chicken skewers with spicy dipping sauce, veggies and hummus, and hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. For my contribution, I made these insanely delicious Stuffed Jalapenos from the June 2010 issue of Everyday Food. They totally satisfy a jalapeno popper craving, and they're a lot healthier.

They're also incredibly easy to make- all you need is a few jalapenos, some cream cheese, and some shredded cheddar cheese. Just slice the jalapenos in half, and then scoop out the ribs and seeds, depending on how hot you want them to be. A spoon is the ideal tool for this. For the filling, just smash together some cream cheese and cheddar cheese. Once you've got your scooped out jalapenos, you just stuff them with a bit of the cheese mixture and bake.

The stems make nice little handles once you're ready to eat!

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